Got Greek Yogurt?

Let’s talk about Greek yogurt for moment. I’m sure you’ve heard that Greek yogurt is better for you. I hear it all the time. John Stamos can’t stop eating it! It has more protein and less carbs than regular yogurt. It has a tangier taste then regular yogurt. But my favorite part about Greek yogurt is not just eating as yogurt! Here are 2 ways I use Greek yogurt.

  1. In place of sour cream.                                                                                                                     The first time I had plain Greek yogurt I could have sworn it was sour cream. I’m not a huge fan of eating it plain. I prefer it in a smoothie or mixed with some maple syrup, nuts or strawberries. But after that first time trying it plain, I decided to try it in place of sour cream. It was so good! I eat it on top of enchiladas, potato soup, you name it! I also use it in my cupcakes….shhhhh! It’s my secret ingredient. So now the question comes if Greek yogurt is better than sour cream. I compared it to Daisy sour cream and it’s actually better for you! I’m sure that me just saying that means nothing to you though so I’ll break it down. At first glance, Daisy looks better. Especially when you look at the calories! Whoa! But Daisy is only a 2 TBSP serving whereas the Greek yogurt in using is a cup. So here comes a little math for you! I know it’s thrilling. There at 16 TBSP in cup. Multiply each nutritional fact by 8 and that will give you a fair comparison of both. 480 calories in sour cream vs 310 in Greek yogurt, 40 grams of fat in SC vs 22 in GY and 8 Grams of sugar in SC vs 5 grams in GY. There are more you can look at but those stuck out to me.

    So have we cut out sour cream completely? No, not at all! It has it time and place-like on a burrito bowl at Chipotle! Greek yogurt is just a little bit better for  you. The ingredients on this specific kind of sour cream is only cream so it falls within our eating standards. Just not something we eat all the time.

  2. In a pinch cream of chicken soup.                                                                                                      I like to make cream of chicken on the stove starting with a roux. It’s so yummy and really pretty easy. Except when you need dinner NOW, have a screaming child on your hip that you don’t want near the stove or don’t have a clean pot. This little tip is for you then! All I do is take 3/4 cup of yogurt and start whisking in chicken broth until it’s the consistency  I want. Add a little salt, pepper and garlic (or whatever) and voila! You’ve just made in a pinch cream or chicken. And it’s still good for you without resorting to the can junk! I use this at least once a week and it hasn’t failed my yet! The only thing I haven’t done is used it in a crock pot recipe. Soooo make at your own risk.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              So there you have it! 2 ways,  besides smoothies and regular yogurt, that you can use Greek yogurt. I’m sure there are other things you can do with it but these are my go to ideas.
  • both tips are using PLAIN Greek yogurt. Make sure it’s plain. I’m pretty sure vanilla yogurt on top of your potato soup would be awful.

IMG_7799 (3)


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