5 Reasons Why We Cloth Diaper

After cloth diapering for almost 3 years and 2 children I thought I would share the reasoning behind our fluff addiction!

1. Money!


It’s no surprise that cloth diapers can save you money. But really how much money can you save?

I did the math using Up and Up disposable diapers since that’s what I use if we are traveling. *Gasp* You can stop clutching your amber necklaces, my fellow cloth mommas, but sometimes we do use sposies. Very rarely, but it does happen.  A 144 count box is $25. My son uses about 6 diapers a day. That would be 180 diapers a month! $31.25 would go to diapers each month plus $5 for wipes. It would cost $435 a year to use disposable diapers. So in 3 years of diapering it could cost you $1,305 or more to diaper 1 child. I think my heart just skipped a beat thinking of all the fluff I could buy with that. Of course this is just an estimate. A newborn goes through a ton more diapers than a one year old so the cost will be a little more than that. Especially if you buy a name brand diaper.

You can easily cloth diaper a child for under $200. I personally have a large mix of diapers and have spent about $450 on diapers, wipes and wet bags for 2 children. I know it sounds like a big upfront cost but I didn’t start out with a big stash. I had about 20 newborn diapers when my daughter was born and would use a few sposies when they were in the wash. I was able to purchase a few diapers each month and build a nice stash. The best part about cloth is you can resell them! Depending on the brand you purchase and the condition of the diapers you can get at least 40% of your investment back.

3 years of disposables (cheap brand)- $1,305+

3 years of disposables (Pampers)- $1887+

3 years of cloth-$200-$450 with a 30-60% return

Some people do spend more on Cloth diapering. I’ve heard of people who spend $500-$800. But even that is still saving money! And cloth can be used for multiple children. I would have spent over $2,610 on disposables by now!! Whoa, right there is why this is reason number 1 we cloth.


2. Environment

It’s no secret that disposable diapers make a lot of trash. But that trash take a lot of time to decompose. It’s been said it takes about 250-500 years for a diaper to decompose! That’s a long time for a poop catcher to decompose! I didn’t get into cloth diaper to save the planet from trash but it was something that made me feel good about doing cloth. Taking care of our planet is important and it felt good to be able to help in some way. Since starting cloth, we have even started using other reusable products. Lots of other ways to keep our planet clean then just cloth!

3. No blowouts

If your tiny human has ever had a blowout in that fancy car seat you spent way to much money on, then listen up! I have never had a blowout in cloth. When researching cloth I always would hear of people happy to not have blowouts but I never realized truly how much joy this would bring me. When my daughter was a few weeks old, she was cooing at me while she lay on my pillow. Then to my horror I picked my daughter up and saw poop. Poop everywhere! She thought it was funny but I most certainly did not! But I did get a new pillow out of the deal. So….thanks kid.

Since we have switched full time cloth I haven’t had a single blow out. With a proper fitting cloth diaper, it is sure to keep all the mess in the diaper and not on any of your possessions!

4 . Very few rashes


I want to say “no rashes” but there can be the occasional rash when using cloth. When we switched to 100% cloth all diaper rashes disappeared except for one time when my daughter got a rash. That was my fault though and once I switched up my wash routine I’ve had happy bottoms since, baby bottoms that is! I think a big reason why cloth tends be low rash is because baby skins isn’t near some of the harsh chemicals that are used in some disposables. I’m sure we have all seen the photos on Facebook of a poor baby whose diaper leaked those beads that are inside and caused some kind of burn. Of course this doesn’t happen all the time, but it does happen.

We chose to use mostly natural fibers for our diaper, the exception to that is fleece. I like to use that at night so my kids don’t feel wetness against their skin while they sleep. I have found natural fibers to be the best route to go when avoiding rashes; but if your baby doesn’t have sensitive skin then certain diaper materials make work fine for them.

5. Cuteness!

Okay, so maybe its not the most important reason but, come on, a little fluffy butt baby crawling around it just to cute! You can customize your baby’s bottom to anything you wish. Lions, tigers, tardis’, whales, donuts, chickens and bears, OH MY!! There are even ruffles on some diapers. Etsy has pretty much any diaper you can image. And, of course, some of the big name company companies have amazing prints. Bluberry and smartbottoms are two of may favorites. They can be pricey so I usually wait for a sale or a grab bag of random prints. My favorite diaper that is easy on the wallet are NCDCo AI2. LOVE LOVE LOVE these. I wont even confess how many I have. But be warned when getting into cute cloth prints, it is a deep, dark hole that is almost impossible to get out of. Good luck with that!


In conclusion, WE LOVE CLOTH DIAPERS if you couldn’t already tell. But do think everyone should cloth diaper? No, I will say its not for everyone. I will say everyone should consider it! Just like with every other choice we make when having a baby, cloth or disposables is one of them. And it doesn’t just have to be one of the other! You can do a mix of both of just do cloth for the newborn stage where they go through what seems like a millions diapers! You have lots of options and I hope this list was help to someone.

There are others reasons I could list for why we cloth diaper but these were the 5 that stuck out to me. Let me know  your reasons in the comments!





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