IMG_8706picmonkey.jpgOur world has convinced itself that faster is always better. We live in a fast paced society. We have strict deadlines at work, our television shows are quick paced to keep our ever fleeting attention, and our food comes prepackaged so that you can put it in the microwave for a few seconds, or you can pull up at the drive through of a fast food restaurant and order a meal in seconds. Sometimes the people with that notion look at people who eat “clean” food, organic food, non-processed foods with some scorn, they may say to themselves that clean eating or organic eating is just another fad diet that will eventually go away, “Clean eating is not normal and it will die out at some point,” is what some people say. They look at the up and coming restaurants who are switching to non-processed foods with no food dyes and they laugh because of these businesses that are “jumping on the band-wagon” for the sake of attracting customers and making money. I know this, because that is where I was. When my wife got started on clean eating and focusing on organic foods rather than processed foods, I was skeptical. I thought it was just a fad. But after following along just because I wanted to be a good, supportive husband, I found that this is not a fad, it is a lifestyle. Not just any lifestyle, mind you, but a lifestyle that was the normal for hundreds of years. That is what Back to the Bread Box is all about: it is rediscovering the simplicity of eating, exercise, and life. You don’t have to go on crash diets, you don’t have to drink shakes, you don’t have to wear wraps to feel healthy, all you have to do is live as people lived for hundreds of years before McDonalds and prepackaged food came along. It is our goal to help you see that making a meal is not difficult, buying organic produce is not expensive, you can exercise and feel good, and you can make some foods instead of buy them. Back to the Bread Box emphasizes a simpler life, it is not difficult. You CAN do it! Let us help.

Why the Name?

IMG_8711picmonkeyYou may be confused with the name Back to the Bread Box. Why would we choose a name like that? The answer is simple. We see the bread box as a symbol of clean eating and a simpler lifestyle. One of the things that you would see as soon as you walk into our kitchen is our big, teal bread box. It always has something delicious in it, whether it is a homemade loaf of bread, homemade cookies or graham crackers, or even homemade cupcakes. It, to us, reminds us of our “made from scratch”, “nothing artificial” lifestyle.

Meet the Team

Megan- Megan is the one that started it all. She is my wife and a stay at home mother of two who saw the way that we were eating and living and decided that it was time to try something better. Since starting her journey of clean eating, she has lost 50 pounds and feels healthier than ever before. On Back to the Bread Box, she will be writing on Weight Loss, Recipes, Pregnancy and Labor, Cloth Diapering,Crocheting, Baby Wearing, and many other things.

James- I am the pastor of a church in Georgia. At first, I was skeptical of my wife’s change in our eating habits, but I followed along to be a good husband. Now, I too, feel happier and healthier. I had gone trough bouts of stress and depression when I was not eating well and I always felt tired, but now I have lost 30 pounds and feel better than ever. I will be writing about Weight Loss, Recipes, Trying to Become a 5k runner, Raising Chickens, and many other things.

We do not claim to be experts on any of these areas that we will be writing on, we are still figuring out things and working at becoming healthier. This is our way to share our experiences and what we have learned with people, in hopes that we can make a difference in your life. Join us as we make our journey Back to the Bread Box: Back to the Basics.IMG_8717picmonkey


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